Long Covid Recovery Through Collaboration

A web app to track your Long Covid symptoms and for reporting to your doctor or rehabilitation team.  

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What we do for you

We provide a FREE web app for you to record and trend your Long Covid symptoms.

We provide safe and secure methods for you to share your symptom record with your doctor or rehabilitation team (participating employers or health service providers only).

We enable health and social care providers to notify you about your local healthcare support specific to your symptoms.

What we do for your healthcare providers

Firstly, they will greatly benefit from seeing your recorded symptoms prior to or during your appointment. They have a large number of Long Covid patients to see in addition to existing waiting lists.

Secondly, with your help, we provide healthcare services with anonymised statistics to enable them to adapt their services based on local demand.  Without your data they won’t know the most prevalent symptoms in your area.

What we do for researchers

With your help, we provide researchers with anonymised data to improve our scientific and medical understanding of this new condition to speed up new treatments and rehabilitation methods.

If you suffer from Long Covid symptoms then you are not alone. Many people who have had Covid-19 suffer from related symptoms for many months.

The important thing is to recognize that you are still unwell and to seek professional advice from your doctor to stay safe and to aid your recovery.

The people helping your recovery will greatly benefit from seeing a detailed log of your symptoms so they can provide you with the best advice. It will also help them to know how many people in your area have similar symptoms so that they can plan their services and, using the CHAI® platform, inform you directly about services that will help your rehabilitation.

What is Long Covid?

Long Covid is a term used to encompass the ongoing symptoms and side effects still felt by an individual after they have had Covid-19.

Our app is based on international research identifying almost 200 symptoms.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Brain fog
  • Loss or altered taste
  • Pins & needles/limb weakness

Quick & Easy to Use

Helping You to Get the Support You Need From the Health Services.

Due to the high numbers of sufferers and the ongoing need for social distancing you may find your consultations are sometimes over the phone or by video. Providing advanced access to your symptoms diary is very helpful both for saving time and providing clinicians with a detailed insight into your medical condition. It is the future of healthcare.

  • Easily select and score your symptoms from a list.
  • Provide your doctor (or your family) with access to your record so they can see your symptoms.
  • Help to drive your rehabilitation by reporting your progress.

Based on Science and Medical Expertise

We collaborate with leading academics and NHS service providers.

The symptoms listed in CHAI® LongCovidTracker are based on international research into Long Covid.

Protecting your privacy

We don’t give away or sell your personal data.

We don’t advertise other than providing information supplied to us by health or social/community care services. If you are selling double glazed windows we can’t help you!

See our privacy policy for further details.

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Also Available:

CHAI Community

Long Covid symptom tracking is also available in our community care app, CHAI® Community for anyone not capable or confident in using apps themselves or who may need community support for other reasons.

The questions are exactly the same but local volunteer groups, friends, family members or your carer can complete the tracker for you and provide you with the details your doctor will need to access your record. All other services are the same.