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User Guide

Welcome to the CHAI® LongCovidTracker User Guide.

Click on one of the questions below and you will be taken to the relevant part of the page. If you’re still having problems with using the app, please contact us and let us know what’s wrong.

Navigating around the app

CHAI LongCovidTracker is a very simple, streamlined app, so there are only three main areas:

    Symptom Recording

    Personal Details & Supplementary Information

    Manage Information Sharing

Symptom Recording

To record and rate the severity and occurrence of your long-term symptoms tap the Symptoms Recording Icon in the top left corner of the screen..

Personal Details

To record your personal details and supplementary information, tap the Personal Details Icon in the top left corner.

The supplementary information is optional and you will be asked for permission to collect this.

Note: Your post code is required for key functionality. Where possible, we will use this information to provide you with highly localised information.

Manage Information Sharing

You can simply and securely share your anonymised data with your team, colleagues, friends or family.

You reach this page by clicking on the Information Sharing Icon in the top left of the screen, or by clicking the button at the foot of the Symptom Recording page.

For more detail about how to share your data with third parties, click here.

What do the icons at the top mean?

Your personal details.
Tap here to view your details. This information is never shared with anyone. You are also able to provide more information about yourself here to help researchers and local health providers.

 Symptoms Recording
To record and monitor your symptoms. Tap here to return to record symptoms.

Your account details
Tap here to change your password.

Sign Out
Clicking on this icon will sign you out of CHAI and return you to the login screen.

Viewing my stats and past submissions

All the previous entries submitted on the Symptom Tracker are stored within CHAI LongCovidTracker.

To view these click on the History link at the top of the Symptoms recording page. You can then select Display Graphs to clearly view the previous submissions.

How do I change my password?

When logged into CHAI, to change your password click on the Lock Icon in the top right hand corner of any page.

This will take you to the Change Password page where you can follow the instructions provided.

Sharing your data with a doctor or another third party

Simply and securely share your data with your GP, Recovery Team, friends or family.

You reach this page by clicking on the Manage Information Sharing Icon at the top of the screen or the “Manage Sharing Options” button at foot of the Symptom Recording page.